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tv   News  ABC  April 21, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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commute. although, volume is starting to build. it is a little slow on the west side of the outer loop here as you head towards i-70. that is mostly volume delays so far. we do have one crash. you will see police on the highway there. they are providing a detour. back to you. it is 6:30 right now. thousands today will remember a civil rights icon to fought for decades for equality. dr. hooks died last week. he led the naacp for years in baltimore.
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we are honoring him today and talking about this story. this is happening in memphis. today, people are remembering dr. hook 15 injuries in baltimore. yesterday, thousands poured in for a public viewing in memphis. dr. hooks lived there for years. he was there for the asalination of dr. king in 1968. he was the first african- american commission of the federal communications commission. he is credit with taking the civil rights movement from dr. king's dream to reality. >> there lived a man who had so much fire in his belly for social justice in our nation and always challenged young people that once you are successful in life, remember to give back to your community. that was so important to him. >> dr. hooks was 85 years old. his funeral will begin today at noon and more details later in
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the day. a 3-year-old boy reported missing on monday north of daytona beach florida has turned up in new york city. police are saying that he is unharmed and it a note in his pocket giving his name and other information. he was dropped off by a couple. the boy's mother is facing charges. she has handed the boy to the couple. she said that she handed him to the couple. she was arrested and they are suspected in counter fitting operations. 6 protesters handcuffed themselves to the northern gate of the white house. they want the military's done ask don't tell policy repealed faster. this is a day after the president was schemed at -- screamed in california.
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he said that he has begun the repeal process. >> i have never been afraidal and always put my faith and god to watch over me. don't try to break into this woman's house. she is 89, but she is a feisty one. when a man tried to rob her house. she shot him. he was caught by police. a new way to make your trip to las vegas more exciting. the new sky jump is not for the faint of heart. the riders harnesses up for a free fall from the 108 floor. that's 855 feet up. a sky jump costs you $99, but you can upgrade to different packages. >> would you try that? >> no. >> no? >> i think it is a funny that
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people would pay to jump, but that looks kind of fun. all right. parents, we hope that you have unlimited text messages on your family plan. >> listen to this -- texting is the number one form of communication for young people. even beating out talking to face-to-face. teens will send 100 text messages each day. this is according to the study by the american life project. no surprise here. girls will send and receive 80 per day and boys 30. most teens prefer texting because it takes a minute a min. -- minute.
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all right. good morning, again. former vice presidential candidate, sarah palin, could testify in a case. 20-year-old david carnal is charged with four felonies. an ipad costs a colorado man his finger. bill jordan went into the apple store to pickup an ipad. well two crooks confronted him, but they had accord wrapped around his finger. he was not able to let go. it suffered his finger. they got the ipad.
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all right. women, you still make less than man. becoming a pharmacists and a lawyer is the best paying job for women. women in those positions earned $100,000 a year, that was about 75% of what men with the same job titles earned. he was a key figure in the civil rights movement. boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful.
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it is 6:43 on a wednesday morning. >> all right. let's take a look at our weather. here is justin with pictures from amarillo. >> yes.
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that is right. all of the volcano stuff, but it is suv weather season and we are returning below normal. but we got one in amarillo, texas. or nearby yesterday. at this point, no word of damage or injuries. but the last three years of tornado activity across the u.s. has been running in a downward trend. last year, blame it on emnene you, but this year, a slow start. a little milder by the bay. overall, we have the satellite and radar composite. we are highlighting rain on the west side. there may be spritzes on the windshield this morning. if you are traveling towards
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fredrick or montgomery county. the southern sections out of annapolis could get it too this morning, but overall, this storm system that is spreading the showers our way to slowly push through it. looks like most of the rain will actually be annapolis and southbound. draw a line on 50 and push it down through virginia. we will have ourselves a brisk and rather moist flow that is keeping us cloudy, cool and wet. the heavier stuff, again, annapolis and southbound. a light jacket would be in order. a storm pushing off of the coast and clearing skies. but the next weather system more rain and cool weather. downtown baltimore we get to 62 this afternoon. but outside of the beltway it is going to be cooler. check out the forecast for north and west.
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baltimore county at 59 degrees. and 58 degrees in west minister. kim? we do have reports of a disabled vehicle blocking one of the toll lanes. traffic is able to get around that without problems, but we have sluggish and slow volume that you make your way around. this does start to slow about heartful record. it is causing a slow down. as we look around more, volume is going to be our biggest slow down this morning. 83 is not bad. that's going to take you about 7 minutes on the top side. looking good on the jfx as you make your way southbound. we have the right lane blocked the westbound span of the bridge. back to you. >> thanks. kim. it is 6:46. today, a civil rights pioneer will be laid to rest in
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tennessee. dr. hooks fought for justice most of this life. sherrie johnson is live this morning. >> reporter: that is right, good morning. megan. dr. hooks led the naacp in baltimore. thousands of people attended the public viewing of dr. hooks yesterday in memphis. he was a reverend, an afghanistan and the first african-american commissioner of the federal communications commission. dr. hooks -- fought against social injustice. >> his legacy lives on. it lives in our hearts and in our minds and in our spirit and we will keep on.
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because we don't want his work to be in vain. >> reporter: now, back out here live. the flag has been lower today half staff in honor of dr. hooks. he was 85 years old. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> thank you. 6:48. this morning the family of a fire cadet who died during a training exercise is suing the city for $35 million. it is brought by the mother and two children of rachel wilson. thethe fire cadet died in a home in february of 2007. also new this morning the state board of elections requested an opinion about whether the former governor's radio show should be considered a donation.
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he continued to host the talk show after announcing his candidacy for governor. the attorney general says that he would examine if the show constustutes a campaign violation. a yet liner rom vancouver was the first to land at london's airport. experts are saying that it distribution has caused the airline industry $1 1/2 billion. it will be weeks before all of the travelers could be brought home. a pg county woman is saying that she was discriminated -- against. she said that she was told that
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it was not adhering to a company policy. a grooming policy that considers dreadlocks an extreatment hairstyle. >> i think it is outrageous. i think it is is just sad. i think that 6 flags can go to hell. >> a 60-year-old woman who worked at 6 flags last year was asked not to come back because of their dreadlocks. the city police officer who pulled a gun at a baltimore county bar was fired. this happened on friday night. witnesses say that 21-year-old bornes was sitting at a table with his mother and confronted by the server. they yelled. he said he was a city cop and
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threatened security. then barnes was involved in a confrontation with a county officer. he was arrested. all right. hopes of a rescue turned into a grim recovery. rescue crews found the body of a 15-year-old boy who dove into the river and then disappeared. it happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. they have not released the victim's name. there are concerns about your child's safety. to the north. police in southern york county are on alert. there are reports of a suspicious vehicle and a man trying to lure children inside. parents are now circulating e- mails warning parents to keep a look out. all right.
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, students held a vigil for the student killed in an off-campus shooting over the weekend. last night's vigil remembered brandon carol and another man shot that night of washington, d.c. is expected to recover. the man accused of shooting the two students is claiming self- defense. hall said that the two came to his home following the reported assault of a woman at a party earlier that night. well, tomorrow the viewing will be held for former archbishop william borders. he died of colon cancer. he was 96 years old. a new development could be going up at hartford county. this morning it has a lot of people upset. today, you could hear the plans about it. the farm in bel air dates back
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more than a century. the owner wants to develop it. a mega development could bring in 300 homes and condos and townhomes in the future. >> we don't want all of the ( bleep ) going on. they are just saturating. >> we're the bad guy because we're selling this property. the, the -- you know -- we -- we have a retail meat business. we go to the farmers market. nobody will support us. >> zoning is already emplace to -- in place to make the mega zoning possibility. government research credits tamiflu and others from protecting pregnant woman from the that's our swine flu. researchers found that one of the woman who died last year
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was given flu medication within the first few days of the illness. school lurch -- lunches are the highest threat to national security. that is at least to a few retired military. 27% of americans 17 to 24 are overweight to try to join the military. the officers are pushing for passes of wide ranging nutrition bills. all right. right out of the box. the jets up in the new stadium on the 13th. the raven home opener is going to be against cleveland on the 36th. then we go to pittsburgh, but will ben roethlisberger be suited up for that one?
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we're going to introduce you to a little girl who is teach us about helping others. >> she is a third-grader. she saw the devastation caused by the earthquake in haiti and said, you know what, i have to do something to help all of the people suffering. so, she talked to her mom and came up with a great idea. hats for haiti. >> i wanted to do -- hats because -- they're small. something else is like five times worse then you want to help them, but you also help yourself. >> now, with the help of our principal and her community. she has collected almost 600 hats.
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>> we are highlighting the rain. the sprinkle that is pushing through. that slowly builds into the area. if you are heading to washington, d.c. and your western sections during the morning commute, expect the rain to build in by this afternoon. showers and 62 and 70 and dry tomorrow. you're still going to see the right lane blocked on the westbound span of the bay bridge. that's causing minor delays. we don't have major problems around the beltway this morning. all right, join us for good morning, maryland at 9:00. captions provided by: capt ion colorado, llc. phone: 1-800-775-7838. email: all right. i have to ge-- to go to jury
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